Markets and Emotions!



One of our investment brokers sent us some information pertaining to the current decline in the stock market.   Current threats of a pandemic has effected worlds.  This threat has caused many to stock up on supplies, limit their exposure to people.   Our president referred to it as a hoax.

Though this graph was related to buying and selling in the stock market at times change.   I immediately looked at it and saw how people who experience the ups, downs and all arounds of life through emotions.

Knowing and understanding that life will move through these emotions.  The important thing to remember is that in your moments of fear, panic and depression the constant is that the other side will bring emotions of hope, excitement and euphoria!

When the ups, downs and all arounds occur, take several deep breaths and know the all these emotions are normal.  Be patient, don’t make rash decisions allow time to pass and re-evaluate your situation.