Yellow Rock #faroutstars

My Sunday started like most others.

Impeachment trials. CBS Sunday morning. Saints Sunday. Impromptu hike to yellow rock.

When we arrived at the lookout, I felt that the energy was off. We were made aware that a young man was hurt below. And people were working there way to him. And more were in route.

As I assessed the situation, I was amazed by the calmness of all.

A young man had been climbing/hiking alone. Nobody knew him. He was responsible and some other hikers had made there way down to attempt to assist him.

The crowd on the rock became larger as time slowing ticked by. Eventually search and rescue arrived. I have been noticing everyone seems to be so busy theses days. And when I hear someone say just been busy. Or I’m. Hoping it will slow down around the corner. Waiting on the rock for that trained magic men, I felt no need to be anywhere else. Actually I was fascinated by the people saving experience that I was witnessing.

I felt very present in the moment on the mountain. I reminisced about past training knowledge and experience that I have had previously. I felt weirdly useful in helping to explain some of the procedures that we were witnessing a the search rescue team worked there magic.

Sometime I often struggle to know where to fit into the mix or moment. In this afternoon experience, I felt more in tune with my place in the puzzle.

Sure hope the #faroutstar who fell is getting the help he currently needs. I appreciate all the magical amazing rescue team who were very impressive to watch help this young man. True #faroutstars

19-year-old man airlifted after fall at Devil’s Den State Park

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