Modern Love!

In Mitch Albom’s book Tuesday’s with Morrie, Morrie speaks of allowing grief in our lives. Like grieving the end of a good book! Just watched a series on Amazon that makes me sad to end it! Similar to how I felt when M.A.S.H, Friends, Senifield, or Parenthood ended!

If you need a sweet story of all kinds of life, love and loss, watch Modern Love on AMAZON! Once again adoption is everywhere! Lots of ups, downs and all arounds! so many #faroutstars!

CBS Sunday morning is sometimes the show that helps me get to the emotions that I tend to bury and struggle to allow myself to feel.   For as long as I can remember, I run and hid from my emotions.  They scare me!   They overwhelm me!  They hurt! They embarrass me!

As REM wrote “Everybody Hurts”!

Fear seems to be the one emotion that I sit in often in my life.  My fear seems to paralyze me time and time again.  Wether it is facing the truths of my birth or to speaking from my authentic place due to the fear of what others with think.    A women in my group often says your words, your actions will not cause anyone to die. I give my thoughts an overwhelming amount of power! I hear this and it makes so much sense, though I continue to be struggling to speak my hopes, dreams and frustrations due to the pain that may come.  Though theses overwhelming thoughts continue to cause me the most damage and destruction of my authentic self.

CBS Sunday morning helps me cry almost every week.   This week it was a story of Chika!  Such a sweet special young girl who lived a short life!  Mitch Albom and his wife adopted her into their lives!  Chika’s life story and the Albom’s love for her overwhelmed me!  Love is overwhelming!

Chika’s life may be over but her spirit and story will forever change many for good!  For me it allowed me to release some tears and be reminded that we only get one chance to be here.  So work hard to be who you are!  Your being won’t kill anyone!

New book, ‘Chika’ to publish November 2019

New book, ‘Chika’ to publish November 2019

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