Earth guardians. Think tank youth inspiring solutionaries

Environmental crisis And social movements. and how it affects your people.

Mohawk. Plant people. Mohawk emergent school.

Climate justice.

“We are all one!!!”

Plants are relatives plants are teachers. Plants are medicines.

Taught how sacred plants are to indigenous people.

Pushing for justice.

Pollution affects us all.

Injustice on our plant life.

Golden triangle. Beaumont Texas most pollutes 90 refineries. Mostly Black and brown people affected.

South Dakota. Love our sovernity. Responsibility of saving this world. For those before us got to enjoy.

For us young people we worry about protecting them and they don’t have to suffer from the fact that our land is unable to support us. Why have a life.

Parents work to make a better life for their children. Keep on fighting as young people. It’s all intersected. We talk of our future we talk of our land. This land is not ours. We need to help our Mother Earth survive to help provide for her children.

See it as a spiritual war. Mining of our indigenous people. Young people to be wise beyond our years. We have to be warriors at such young age

Beautiful warriors fighting this war together.

Ponca City. Oklahoma. Remember a time when we did not have earthquakes. Ok is now the most earthquake place in the county.

Highest cancer rate highest teen pregnancy high single parent rate.

Social justice and climate justice intertwined. Our people affected by the injustices but they have no voice in the world of decisions. Harmful indestructible. Negative affects before the corporations even come to your lands.

Women Daughters Being taken from them.

Man camps come with the

They have to fight for brown and

Two spirit. LGBT

Watch my hero die of cancer.

Finding deer dead due to the grass and the water they drink. The strawberries have a film over them. The springs are dying. They were a source of life. They were labeled resources.

We are a part of nature!

Climate justice social justice the are the same.

Overwhelming the climate justice. But we have the opportunity to create

How do we have good communities. How do we have good lands.

All have different needs of lands. Sustain the land. So grandparents can pass on.

How are we creating Regenerative future?

“Place where we lived a long time”

Can’t live from land because we are afraid they will cause people to get sick. Film I. The water. Fish floating to the top of the water.

Hope in he fact that we are having these conversations. Hope that people are problem solving.

Pipeline? Systemetc genocide for years. How do you be indigenous people in these times of colonization.

Seventh offenders project.

Suicide epidemic. 62 attempt suicide 30 succeeded.

Someone out there to provide help. We have so much comfort out there. Capitalism and colonization have profited off the land

Environmental racism.

Make sure the young people have the best they can have

Tired of having others to save them.

Help lift up the voices of our ancestors. But have to navigate through a tough world the educational world because that is the best system to help raise the voices of the ancestor. Help my people. Help voice their voices and create spaces for them to be heard.

Mothers books helped him know his peoples history. 1926. Standing bear. Had to flight to be thought of as a human!

Brown women can go upstream. Even when people are telling them your crazy. She was going to show them what crazy can do.

Leaders chief are the voice of the people.

Privilege with education!! Not maybe be our stuff. But giving it our all representing a nation when I move around the world.


Taught in school was a misrepresentation of my people. Told about generational trauma. Pain that my mom and grandma went through I felt that confusion and the pain.

LAND IS SAD. Our mother is sad she is hurt. She’s confused.

HOPE working with youth

We feel the same we don’t identify them the same way. Things effect our influence

The hope is that it’s up to us!!! Make sure our voices are being heard. The understanding the accepting it. The respect we are getting give me hope that you will respect our words and our mission. The passion this voice is the spirit of the ancestor. The beauty in your dna. Reconnecting with the land

In a world still fighting for our voice!!!!

Hold each other accountable.

The world was made with the blood of the indigenous and on the backs of the slaves.

REGARDEN THR EARTH. Regard the Mother Earth.

The youth are angry. They know we are worth more than we have been given.

Children of the day are the future leaders.

Young people are all indigenous. Living in colonial world is hard.

Plant seeds in the children.

Show them that they are cared for and loved.

Children. Love ya so much we are willing to change this world for the better.

Your voice matters!!!

Indigenous futurism.

The healing of the youth.

“If you want to know the health of a country look to the indigenous people”

We are all humans. We are all indigenous to the world.

Cycle of colonizing being passed on from generation to generation

Rules of the earth. Laws of man can override the laws of Mother Earth.

People are shapes of the water and the land.

Indigenous futurism will take healing. Healing the trauma and that pain.

Indigenous futurism. Looks like acknowledging the people and including them in the decision making. Ancestor knowledge is not a new concept.

Indigenous futurism. Is togetherness.

Dakota 38 ride. Honor ride for 38 Dakota chiefs that were hung on Christmas Day by Abraham Lincoln.

Seasonal people. No Christmas. We had a togetherness around Christmas. 800-2000 people participate. Their is a togetherness of the people. It’s like it’s a village again.

Removed them from sacred spots. Everyone had a place in he world. Look into your indigenous baby’s and let them know their is a place for them.

Being the descended of a massacre. Making our pain into medicine. Sacrifice

Caring for all beings. Caring for each other. Life’s journey being a descendent of a termination of my people.

We are still here. How can we bring that healing back.

Indigenous futurism Togetherness.

Indigenous futurism That pain that fear cane courage. We are here today. Someone somewhere gave their lives so that we are here. Earth and blood memories. Mother Earth remembers the sisters that were taken the men she has taken back. Where do we go from here. We can all live with each other but we don’t loose ourselves.

In order to have a future we need to think about each other. We need to be uncomfortable.

Policy change.

Rights of nature into our

Right of every human being to have clean air and clean water.

all life carries water. At water is the carrier of all life

Where ever you stand you have influence!!!

Fought to be seen fought to be heard. Build bridges. We all need to work together to fight for the earth

People against people? We all suffer one way or another. People are natural nutures.

Collective liberation and collective humanity.

Strongest position of Power is to be in alignment with your people.


Not a lot of uplifting people.

Write our own story. Acting out our own story. Use your voice use your creativity.

We all come from suffering and we all come from beauty.