Moments for me 

Chris and I came to group this last weekend. It’s taken me a year and a half to tell him that finding his daughter began me having more questions about my adoption.  
He is supportive but 

worries I am over thinking this.  
Stress has been high for me, 

close deaths, two family weddings, some family pot stirring, working in family business, traveling with family, raising children.   
He questions why 

I am think about so many 

things all at once. His words 

help but also make me 

question where to put my energy. 
Maybe it is a distraction method. Focusing on my adoption may help distract from all the other stuff. 
I have been seeing Bruce to help me sort out some of my issues.  
I would appreciate some direction for me to consider. Or any other thoughts.  
So I guess I ask for some direction as to what to focus on next.  

DNA test? Open record?  

Or wait a bit? 


I will continue to try to get to group. The safe environment helped me have the strength to share some of the feelings and thought that have resurfaced. Once I started talking the flood of emotions and thoughts just kept coming. So the quilt comes that I should have spoken less. 
But I already know next month is out for me.